Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home

Colorado Christian_masterplan phase 1 perspectiveGod has done, and continues to do, so much for Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF). Our church is rapidly growing and it is time for us to focus all of our efforts on building our new home.  Not just a building, but a calling from the Father to build, not just a home, but a H.O.M.E., “Heaven’s Order Manifested on Earth.”  This is what we are building to share.

As many of you know, we own 45 acres of land in southeast Aurora, where I-70 and E470 intersect.  This is where we will build “CCF Village,” a multipurpose campus that is reminiscent of a Colorado cozy village or town center. The CCF Village campus will offer various amenities that will be designed to meet the needs of a contemporary culture.

CCF Village is an ambitious vision. It is a vision from God that promises to move our congregation to a new level of faith and growth. CCF Village also positions us to radically influence our community and the world for generations to come. Talk with God about CCF Village and its potential impact. Discover for yourself what He wants to accomplish through you!

How to Get Involved.

Each Sunday it seems like more people are becoming a part of the CCF Family. Also, there are those who may have not yet made the decision to join, as well as those who benefit from our ministry via the web. With this in mind, it is our goal to insure that everyone is fully informed about our Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home…  We also want to provide every opportunity for everyone to participate and get involved in the building of our new home.

Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home…

There will also be ongoing follow-up to provide the means for new members to get on board and assist everyone who has committed to Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home… to meet their giving goals. At CCF, we are about bringing God’s Kingdom here on earth, and to accomplish this, we must begin with a heavenly vision, and I believe we have a great one. We are very excited about the vision God has given CCF and we want to share that vision with you and provide you with every opportunity to get on board with what God is doing here at CCF. You are a big part of this vision, and it cannot come to pass without the willing participation of God’s people, each doing what He has placed on our hearts to do.

The following link will show pictures that depict the conceptual idea of what we imagined the CCF Village to look like prior to any detailed architectural renderings. We realize that as we go through the development process, layout and design may change to some degree, but the idea of the CCF Village, “A place to call home,” will still be captured and realized in the end product (See Drawings of the Development)