Building The Village

Colorado Christian_masterplan aerial perspective (2)The purpose of this campaign is to raise approximately $2.5 million over a 3 year period in order to start our building project. Our theme is “Building To Share A Place To Call Home” because it is time to build our permanent home and share it with the world.

We believe the act of giving is a personal encounter with God. He not only provides the resources for giving, he teaches us to see him as provision, the source of everything we need. As you pray, feel free to use the giving chart in the back of the brochure as a guide. It offers financial “leap of faith” options intended to fit every budget.

Like the biblical story of Joshua leading the Israelites from the desert to Canaan, God is leading us to a new land, a new purpose, and a new level of faith through CCF Village. May Joshua’s words to the Israelites before they began their journey to Canaan encourage you: “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Give time to prayer and fasting so you can hear what God is saying to you about CCF Village!

CCF, We’re On The Move…

As you know, the Father has given Apostle Phil a very ambitious vision and it will start with our first phase buildout. You may be asking, “How close are we?” We are closer than we’ve ever been. CCF is in the midst of selling approximately five acres of land to the City of Aurora for the extension of 6th Avenue from just east of Buckley Air Force Base, to join with E-470. Currently, we are waiting for the City of Aurora’s Letter of Intent to Purchase, which should be received soon. Once received, the appraisal process will begin (and last approximately 30 – 60 days). The appraisal process includes determining the value of the land required by the City of Aurora,
determining the compensation amount to CCF lost from beneficial use of the land sold, and compensation for costs incurred from architectural designs and other work completed that must be revised to accommodate the sale of the land. Once completed, the total amount due to CCF will be determined.

The ability to begin moving dirt onto the land from surrounding construction projects (at no cost to us) to mitigate the flood plain area so that we can have beneficial use of all of our property.

  • Access to CCF Village from both 6th Avenue and Picadilly Road.
  • Property value increases to CCF Village, making it desirable for kingdom-friendly businesses to locate
    on or land.
  • Ability to move forward with our architects for the completion of the CCF Village drawings that will
    be submitted to the City of Aurora for approval.

How Does This Help Position Us To Build?

CCF has received $958,000 dollars in pledges to date towards our CCF Village, Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home building project goal of $2 Million. Reaching this goal, with the City of Aurora’s purchase of CCF’s land, will position us as follows:

  • Land debt paid in full
  • Fill dirt delivered to the CCF Village land to mitigate the flood plain area
  • Architects will be paid in full
  • Architectural drawings can be completed and approved for 1st phase construction
  • We will have $1 million plus our land available as collateral towards our construction loan

CCF has approximately 830 givColorado Christian_masterplan phase 1 perspectiveing units (individuals and households that contribute to CCF), and out of this number, 241 giving units have pledged $958,000 to the CCF Village, Building To SHARE A Place To Call Home building project. If everyone would get on board, listen the Father, and have enough faith to believe and obey, we would exceed our goal. This would mean that CCF could break ground in 2018.